Joker Jackpot: Slot Review & Free Spins Bonuses!

joker jackpot slot btg

Hopefully, the joke won’t be on you when you play this madcap video slot from Big Time Gaming!

Here ye, all Maidens and Knights, Joker Jackpot is a five reel video slot from BTG featuring multiple ways to win and an exciting Chest Big Win Bonus!

Joker Jackpot Slot Review

Joker Jackpot is a lovely looking slot featuring colourful and charming graphics and cheery sound effects. There is a bit of a mismatch when it comes to the various elements that make up this game, and we are not entirely sure they all fit together, but nonetheless, it still looks and plays out well in the end so we can’t complain!

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Mercy of the Gods™ – NetEnt Progressive Jackpot slot!

mercy of the gods slot

Mercy of the Gods is a new NetEnt progressive jackpot slot, which is something we didn’t know how much we were missing until it arrived!

As with all progressives, it’s the bonus round and the chance to win the progressive pots that steal the show, but it’s a fun game anyway.

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NetEnt launches Starburst PowerPots Community Jackpot System!

starburst powerpots

NetEnt has just unveiled its innovative community jackpot concept, Starburst PowerPots where players can collect Starburst tokens across a selection of NetEnt’s best-loved games for a chance to win a range of top prizes!

So what the heck is Starburst PowerPots anyway? Is it a game, is it a concept? What does it mean for us slots players? All will be revealed in due course but here’s what we know so far…

starburst power pots logo

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What is a Progressive Jackpot?

Incase you were wondering, a Jackpot is a big prize in gambling terms and a 'progressive jackpot' is a prize pot that isn't fixed. When folks like you and me gamble with real money on progressive jackpot slots and don't win anything, the prize pot swells and the gets bigger. Eventually a lucky gambler will win the potentially life changing jackpot prize at which point the progressive jackpot resets to it's starting point value wise and the process starts all over again.

Online progressive games are often some of the best loved and most played slots at online casinos. No wonder online gamblers from around the world love them when the prize purse can accumulate into millions on dollars!

Other than the jumbo prizes, there's not much difference between a progressive slot and any other type of online slot. Occasionally the prize pot will trigger when it grows to a specific size but most often the games allow the prize to continue to swell until one lucky gambler clears out the lot!

How can I win a Progressive Jackpot prize?

First off, it's a good idea to have some basic knowledge of how slots work in general. If you can already play slots there's not much additional information that you need as it's almost all about luck and how generous the RNG (Random Number Generator) is with you!

Every play on a progressive jackpot slot contributes a tiny amount to the prize pot. The size of these contributions is so small that it's almost impossible to notice them while you are playing, but combined they make a difference. The sooner you get involved in these games the more chance you have of being there when someone triggers the big win!

This is why these games are particularly good for the high-rollers among us. If you can make a big deposit and play with high stakes, this gives you a better chance of being one of the lucky few!

All the popular casino games studios have Progressive slots in their portfolios. Net Entertainment, Microgaming, Playtech and more all offer games with this life-changing potential. Here are some of the gaming industries most popular progressive jackpot titles:

Mega Moolah - Microgaming

Hall of Gods - Net Entertainment

Arabian Nights - Net Entertainment

The Dark Knight - Microgaming

Joker Millions - Yggdrasil

Progressive Jackpot FAQs

Here are some of the questions our valued readers often hit us up with on the subject of progressive jackpot slots...

Can I win a progressive jackpot on my mobile phone?

Yes! Most online casinos now offer their entire games selection, including all of the progressive slots, to players using mobile devices. This means that you can gamble for real money and try to win a progressive prize from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

Can I win a progressive jackpot while using a bonus?

It depends on the casino that you are playing at but, in general, yes you can win a progressive prize while using a bonus. There may be some restrictions in place, such as not being able to withdraw your prize until you have met the wagering requirements, but this will be clearly stated in the terms and conditions of the bonus.

Can I win a progressive jackpot while playing for free?

No, you can only win a progressive prize if you are playing for real money. The whole point of these games is that each spin adds a tiny amount to the prize pot, so if you are playing for free there is no money being added to the pot.

Are progressive jackpots rigged?

No, all online slots are regulated by strict laws and the RNG (Random Number Generator) is regularly checked to ensure that it is fair. This means that everyone has an equal chance of winning.

What is the difference between a local and a global progressive jackpot?

A local progressive jackpot is one that is specific to an online casino, or a group of casinos, while a global progressive jackpot is open to players at all casinos that offer the game. The prize pot for a global progressive jackpot will, therefore, be much larger.

I triggered the progressive jackpot but only received a small prize, why?

When you trigger a progressive jackpot you will usually see two prizes, the main prize which is the progressive jackpot itself, and a smaller consolation prize. The consolation prize is there to give you something for triggering the jackpot, even if you don't win the big prize.

How do I know if a progressive jackpot has been won?

The information about recent jackpot wins is usually displayed on the casino's website, or you can find out from the game itself. When a player hits the big prize the game will usually display a message congratulating the lucky gamer.